Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies and how do we use them

A “cookie” is a text file which gets stored on a user’s computer, tablet, mobile phone or on any device used for surfing the Internet, so that it can then be transmitted back to the same websites when the user next visits them.

This website uses cookies to improve the navigation experience, and to supply services and functionality to its users/visitors. Cookie implementation can be restricted or disabled via web browser, although this may make some or all site features unusable.

Specifically, our website employs the cookies required to carry out activities requested by users, for example, to store information given by the user while navigating the site or to manage “login” status during the visit. In particular, the site uses “Google Analytics” cookies which enable the gathering of data related to the use of the site, such as content visited and features used, in order to improve the performance and layout of the site. These cookies can be sent by the supplier of the Analytics instrument but are used only for the purposes linked to the site.

During navigation the user’s terminal can also receive cookies sent from other sites or from web servers (so-called third parties), on which some elements present on the site that the user was visiting may reside (for example images, maps, sounds, specific links and pages with other domains).

Cookie types

Cookies can be classified as follows:

Session cookies: these are removed when the user closes the browser and, as such, have a duration limited to the visit;

Permanent cookies: these remain on the device used to navigate the Internet for a fixed period. These cookies typically have expiry dates and, as such, their duration varies according to the cookie used.

Proprietary cookies and third-party cookies: according to whether these belong to the website owner or a third party.

For our website we use the following cookie types:

1. Session cookies strictly as necessary

These cookies are essential to navigating the web, for example, they permit the temporary storage of account data for accessing the relevant reserved area of the site and allow the use of the various features present in the reserved areas.

2. Analytics cookies

Used to gather information, in aggregated and anonymous form, on the number of users, and on how those same users consult the site in order to improve it and understand which parts or elements are most appreciated.

For this purpose, a third-party cookie is used i.e. “Google Analytics”. This is not under our ownership, for further information consult the information provided by Google at the following link:

This site does not use profiling cookies.

These are permanent cookies used to identify the user’s preferences (both anonymously and non) in order to develop a specific profile to personalise the advertising offered, to carry out market research and for distance selling.

Third party cookies and social media cookies

This site uses social network cookies (precisely cookies for the platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), managed by third parties and, as such, we are not responsible for these.

These cookies are used, for example, to share content.

The management of the information gathered by third parties and the kind of processing of personal data are regulated by the relevant informative documents which we invite you to refer to.

For more information on how Third Parties use these cookies, we refer you to the websites of the various informative documents and the methods of managing social cookies as below:






Cookie management

The user may, at any time, refuse to accept some or all cookies used by this website simply by selecting the browser settings that permit this.

Each browser has its own instructions for settings. Further information regarding how to disable cookies can be found on the website of the browser itself:

Google Chrome:   

Mozilla Firefox:    

Internet Explorer: 

Apple Safari:        

To disable only the use of the “Google Analytics” cookies it is possible to use the added component supplied by Google at the following link by carrying out the steps as indicated here:

With these cookies disabled it is still possible to use some parts of the website, but certain services may not usable.

Controller of data processed

The controller of the data processed is the Vescovi Law Firm.

Changes to the cookie policy

The controller of the personal data processed reserves the right to make changes to this cookie policy. The user and/or visitors to the website accept that any such future revisions are binding and as such undertake to check this page periodically in order to stay updated on any variations.




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